Sunday, November 29, 2009


I ate at Boulevard tonight, one of my favorite places to eat here in SF.  

Tuna tartar with radishes and cucumber

Monterey Abalone, smoked potatoes, guanciale, potato-clam broth mousseline

Roasted matsutake mushroom, lobster, oyster dashi

Sea scallop, pork belly, persimmon, sunchoke

Mendocino porcini mushrooms, crispy slow cooked egg, semolina fondue, pancetta

Rabbit before:

Rabbit after: Loin, leg, kidney, liver, canneloni braised shoulder

Roasted squab, chestnuts, cippolini onions, stinging nettles

ginger snap pumpkin ice cream sandwiches


  1. Wow... this looks amazing. I bet you're having a blast on your gastronomical tour of SF. Run into Land at all?

  2. Eating stinging nettles does NOT sound like a good idea! ;)