Thursday, November 26, 2009

Flour and Water in SF

Not the greatest pictures because i only have my little camera with me and it was low light, but still worth documenting.  I had to do a lot of image wizardry to make these even slightly presentable.

Lots of new flavors to try, overall I think my favorite was the mackerel.

Marinated mackerel with artichokes, pickled shallots, tarragon aioli and lemon zest

Smoked duck breast with poached pear, walnuts and currants

Oxtail, white bean and tuscan kale soup with roasted bone marrow

Warm potato and lamb's tongue salad with poached egg and salsa verde

Verzada pizza - prosciutto braised savoy cabbage, taleggio and red onions

Topinambur pizza - sunchoke, anchovy, flor di latte and gremolata

Veal tortellini en brodo

Cocoa tajarin with brown butter braised giblet

Braised octopus and squid ink chitarra with fennel

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