Monday, November 30, 2009


Italian tonight, including some unusual offerings such as turkey lungs and testicles.  It was all really good.

bread and olive tapenade

closeup of the olive tapenade

Fettunta and olio nuovo

Nervetti, buddhas hand citron, chilli and pistacios

Marinated local sardines, grilled watermelon radish, red onion and parsley

Antipasto platter - Boccalone artisan salumi, roasted garlic and marinated vegetables

Hiramasa crudo, olio nuovo, grapefruit and cubeb

Duck liver ravioli, black twig apples, sage and cider

Pasta alla chitarra, boccalone lard, egg yolk, scallions and garlic chips

"Farmer's Breakfast" - Turkey lungs, turkey testicles, egg, bacon, toast

Rabbit braised in hay, carrots and nettles

Scoop of olio nuevo ice cream and sea salt

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