Sunday, November 29, 2009


Moroccan today.  We had so many different things it was hard to keep mental track.  My favorites were the pumpkin soup and the lamb shank.

Pumpkin soup with roasting spices froth, some sort of spice, but it was sweet, then salty, and hot going down.

Radish dish - avocado, pearl onions, chicken cracklin', herbs

fregola, meyer lemon, artichoke

chicken wings - brussels sprouts, rosemary, almond, apple

meatballs - grape, jicama, herb vinegarette

pumpkin - turnip, persimmon, duck emulsion, black garlic


sardines - sea lettuce, fennel, brioche

seafood stew - puntarelle, baby leek, saffron, hon shimeji mushroom

lamb shank - barley, prune, cranberry, scallion

wagyu beef - la ratte potato, beef cheek, chantarelles, cumin

quail - quince, swiss chard, cipollini, sunchoke

cocktail with espresso, kahlua, baileys, and a few other things

yogurt - mousse napoleon, walnut nougatine, persimmon, pomegranate

hazelnut dacquoise, pear, burnt honey ice cream

quince - buckwheat crepe, apple fritter, ginger ice cream

chocolate sesame mousse, cocoa spice cake, cranberry

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